Welcome to Elliott Drilling Services Inc.

Elliott Drilling Services, Inc. was founded in 2004 by brothers Mark and Hugh Elliott, who joined forces to create this innovative foundation drilling and shoring company. Mark and Hugh have the powerful combination of more than 25 year of experience respectively in engineering and business finance. Together they have created a team which is professional, highly productive and intensely motivated. Elliott’s team includes Managers, Foremen, Operators, Laborers and an office staff that work efficiently together and with a high level of integrity. This is a company that looks forward to continued growth and success in the Southern California area.

Value Engineering Services:

  • Assistance with Plan Development
  • Cost saving practical solutions to soil engineering problems
  • Assistance with budget development
  • Field assessments to identify problems with access and obstruction hazards
  • Methods to share resources and blunt expense
  • Engineering plan review with geotechnical interpretations
  • Assistance with realistic project time line development
  • Specialty tool development to meet difficult geotechnical requirements

Cast-in-place Piles:

  • Caissons
  • Shear pins / Tangent piles/ Secant piles
  • Foundation piles
  • Underpinning piles
  • Substation and transmission line foundations


  • Temporary beam and lagged shoring
  • Permanent shoring

Limited Access Drilling:

  • Indoor
  • Overhead obstruction

Emergency Drilling:

  • Access shafts up to six feet in diameter
  • Dewatering- drill and set pipe
  • Dry wells
  • Landslide shear pinning
  • Cave in failure solutions
  • Emergency shoring, and underpinning for retained wall and, footing failure