Elliott Drilling Services, Inc. was founded in 2004 by brothers Mark and Hugh Elliott, who joined forces to create this innovative foundation drilling and shoring company. Mark and Hugh have the powerful combination of more than 35 years of experience respectively in engineering and business finance. Together they have created a team which is professional, highly productive and very motivated. Both our President, Mark Elliott and  our Production Manger, John Pike have extensive experience in drilled shaft construction, shoring and all aspects of foundation construction. Elliott’s team includes Office and Field Mangers, Foremen, Operators and Laborers who work together efficiently and with a high level of integrity to make the flow of business, contract services and dispatch a smooth operation. Our target market at this time is primarily the Southern California Region: from San Diego County up to the Santa Barbara area.  Our goal is to mobilize our small fleet of drilling equipment and our experienced Operators to serve our clients needs efficiently, safely and cost effectively. We want to develop and maintain great working relationships with our clients well into the future.

Our Supervisors and Operators are seasoned professionals with a high degree of integrity, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Their years of experience show in their competency, skill and unparalleled safety record. They have direct working experience in the many field conditions and difficulties that are found in the multitude of soil conditions of the Southern Californian geology.